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6 Front Door Design Ideas to Boost your Property’s Curb Appeal

The front door you choose for your home speaks a lot about your personal taste and preference. It also affects the entire curb appeal of your property. While the mid-century-styled green front door designs are currently back on trend, the French-styled doors with natural wood shade can also level up the grace and beauty of your property. In case you are confused between different front door options and looking for expert advice, this blog is a must-read for you! Here, we are going to share with you different front door ideas that look exquisite and increase the valuation of your property at the same time. So, let’s jump into the topic!

Top Front Door Design Ideas That Are Worth Giving a Shot 

Are you all set to make the entryway of your home cool and trendy? Then take a look at the following front door design ideas and choose the one that you feel is perfect for your home!

1. PVC French Doors

PVC French doors are an amalgamation of style and durability. Besides being extremely stylish and eye-catching, these doors are resistant to easy wear and tear. Also, they are eco-friendly, and thus technically can be considered as a green front door!

With a lifespan of 30 years, the French-styled PVC doors do not easily rot, swell, or trap moisture, keeping the value of your investment. To complement the door style, you can use gorgeous glazing glasses as well!

2. Dutch Door 

The next one that we have on our list is the Dutch Door. Now, there are countless reasons to choose a Dutch-inspired front door. First of all, it allows natural light to enter your room, of course after filtering it. Secondly, accepting deliveries and parcels become so easy! Needless to mention, Dutch Doors looks really pretty and you are free to customise its colour! If you like the green front door, you can use any shade of green to paint it.

In case you want to keep it muted, shades of off-whites, greys, and pale pinks work the best! The specialty of Dutch doors is that you can open the top half while keeping the bottom half closed, and it’s probably one of the coolest doors that you install at your home!

3. Front Doors with Asymmetric Patterns

If your home is built in a modern design, asymmetric patterned front doors can be your go-to choice. These doors are a blend of wood and glass detailing. So what you can do is style both the glass panels of the two sides in a different way.

It, in turn, creates an illusion of a much bigger door! If you want to keep it simple and install a single glass panel, it will again provide the door with some depth, making it look larger than it actually is.

4. The Classic Red Door 

Red front door is a signature front door style, and many homeowners across the world love it! It looks aesthetic, creates a wow factor, and is quite pocket-friendly as well. You can use any material that seems pocket-friendly to you and paint it with a bold red stain or colour.

However, red doors suit only those homes that have a neutral tone overall, it will appear tacky. So, in case you want to install a red-coloured front door and make your home stand out, be sure your home has a muted white tone. Needless to mention, the signature red front door is made for farmhouse-styled homes!

5. Antique Green Front Door

Do you have a special place in your heart for antique pieces? Then, you should definitely think about installing the antique green front door at your home! The colour green is very soothing to the eyes and for the past decades, the demand for green doors is still on hype like it used to be! Antique doors create a vintage look and make every guests and passers-by appreciate the art of it. To make your front door stand out, pick one from a different time period.

The specialty of these doors lies in the artwork curved on the doors. It’s pretty hard to find an antique-style door these days. So what you can do is craft and customize it. For that, you can go for the European-styled ochre antique door or forged antique wooden door.

6. Windowpane Design

Front doors with a windowpane look very creative! Besides creating an aesthetic vibe, these windowpane-styled doors let natural light flow inside your premises. In case you are concerned about privacy, install glazing glasses! Add some houseplants on both sides of the door to make it pop!

Wrapping Up 

Whether you opt for an antique green front door, French-styled door, Dutch door, or any other design mentioned above, make sure the material you choose to craft is durable, sturdy, moisture-resistant, and termite-proof. Only then it can stay intact and contribute to the curb appeal of your property for years after years.


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