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An Ultimate Guide for Making Custom Metalized Boxes

Admit it! We all are attracted to luxury. It is in human nature to get attracted to the things that look classy and expensive. When you explore various businesses, you will get to know that they all are moving to classy and sustainable packaging solutions. One of the most popular and luxurious boxes is custom metalized boxes that look like metal, but in reality, they are not metal. Yes, these boxes are magic. They are made from cardboard stock and laminated with silver and gold layers that give them a classy appearance. The boxes are specifically used by various brands to pack and present their products effectively. 

It has been reported that 81% of consumers are attracted to the product by seeing the presentation and appearance of the packaging box. Due to the enhanced presentation, businesses have become successful in earning valuable profits in just a glimpse. So, if you want to accelerate your business and want to make it more approachable, then this blog is for you. Stop stressing over the causes; instead, start reading this piece of information. Let’s get started with reading, don’t skip!

What is a Metalized Box?

Custom metalized boxes wholesale are made from cardboard, corrugated, and kraft material made in specialized cartons. They are layered with silver and gold sheets, so they impart a classy finish. Moreover, the boxes can be customized highly as per your requirements. Furthermore, you can use stylish typography to write important descriptions or bold things over the box. Basically, the boxes are foiled with Silver and gold, imparting a glittery finish.

A foil is a thin sheet of metal such as aluminum, gold, tin, and copper. It is malleable and easy to be hammered to make the desired sheet. This sheet is then further finished in order to make the overall look of the box more attractive. The benefit of these sheets is that they can be stuck well on the surface of cardboard.

Types of Box

There are different types of custom printed metalized boxes that can be used effectively depending upon the purposes.

  • Glittering gold
  • Silver foil boxes

They are the most commonly used boxes in the market and come in different colors such as copper, bronze, gold, green, etc., but the most likable boxes are silver and gold ones, which are the neutral but elegant choice of the majority of the audience. 

The Best Material For Foiling

Foiling is creating the metalized layers of metals and then imparting them a desired color, which creates a more radiating look. The main material used in manufacturing these is aluminum, and its thickness ranges from 30 nanometres because when it is applied onto the box, it creates a more engaging look. Foiling itself uses metals that are hammered into the thin and slim sheets for an extra and advanced look. Custom invitation packaging boxes are exceptional, and the two colored variant, gold, and Silver, is used to make the appearance more attractive.

  • Gold Foil Boxes

The foils can be detailed properly using the die-cut, embossed relief, and window cut-out patterns, which can improve the designs on these boxes more efficiently. The use of supermetals makes the boxes shimmer more. Moreover, the addition of gold color to the foiling sheet will enhance the texture and make it more catchy. Moreover, you can select the quality and thickness of the sheet as per your preference. It is that way flexible that it brings flexibility in customizing the shape, design, and style of the box.

  • Silver Foil Boxes

Make your brand and box that way distinctive, which will speak your vision about invitation boxes wholesale. Silver is the color that is used for a decent and classy appearance. It conveys a particular degree of lavishness and finishing. Moreover, the glued sheet is strong, durable, and waterproof, so you may not be left with any worry. Must try these innovative and decent boxes for even better reach.

Wrap Up!

Applicable for different industries such as food, cosmetics, and technology, custom metalized boxes are excellent choices for businesses like yours. They’re majestic, luxurious, and seductive enough to catch the eyes of guests, and they will probably buy your products. The stylish thing about these customized boxes is that they’re made of sustainable material as well as laminated with eco-friendly and aseptic material.

All these super cool and effective decorations will give you an edge to stand in competition with grace. Considering their new definition, their wonderfulness makes them unique and majestic to pack the products. They are used to pack gifts so you can make your occasion more special. 


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