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Cheap Hotels and Excursion Destinations in the Lower Rhine

Are you ready for a transformative trip? Perhaps to a secluded place in Europe? A place that is full of beautiful forests, picturesque cycling routes, and extraordinary sunset spots to chill around? Then a trip to the beautiful excursion destinations in the Lower Rhine Valley (ausflugsziele niederrhein) is what you need!

The Lower Rhine is on the bucket list of every traveler who wishes to explore Europe. We dare say that no trip to Europe is complete without a visit to this region. It is steeped in folklore and it has been witness to the great power struggle between major powers in the last century. Its historical significance aside, the Lower Rhine is a fantastic place to spend your vacation. You are bound to have a good time on a decent budget as there are some good and cheap hotels in the Lower Rhine (Goedkope Hotels Nederrijn).

So, go through the awe-inspiring destinations of the Lower Rhine in this article. You’ll know about the things to do here and about the best hotels to stay in the region. It’ll certainly make your trip memorable. Read on if you’ve made up your mind to pay a visit soon.

What are some popular excursion destinations in the Lower Rhine?

The Lower Rhine is a geographical paradise. It is surrounded by greenery, transparent blue lakes, and views that look like it’s popping right out of a painter’s canvas. It has got cathedrals, castles, museums, lakes, water parks, towns, and metropolises steeped in history. It has something to offer for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re a war history buff, a curious hiker, or a cyclist who wants to ride through the woods, the Lower Rhine region is for you! Here are some popular excursion destinations in the Lower Rhine (ausflugsziele Niederrhein):

1. Castles and Museums

There are plenty of great castles in the Lower Rhine region. These include the

Schloss Diersfordt, Burg Brüggen, Wesel citadel, Schloss Ringenberg, Burg Alpen, and many others. The Diersfordt Museum, for instance, is a stylish twin-tower complex. This medieval architectural gem is a major tourist attraction. It makes for an awesome day trip with family and you’re sure to enjoy the sprawling space where once the lords of Hesse lived. Then there’s the Wesel Citadel, another architectural marvel nearby. You’ll surely enjoy exploring the castle. Your historical curiosity will be further piqued when you go to the nearby Niederrhein museum.

2. Nature’s Lap

The Rhine River creates some striking gorges as it passes along the region. The overall natural landscape it presents with its serene vantage points would make you stop right in your tracks. It is difficult to move around the region without appreciating the mesmerizing nature trails every now and then.  There are castle-topped hills overlooking the dramatic river scenery. The colorful beech trees surrounding quaint villages with wooden houses give a dramatic view. It’ll give you pics to cherish forever and will certainly detox your Instagram feed!

3.  Cathedrals

The cathedrals in the Lower Rhine region are Gothic masterpieces. Most of them have twin spires, elongated halls, and elaborate interior designs. The Cologne cathedral, for example, is a visual spectacle due to its sheer size and intricate patterns. The elaborate facade with its stone figurines and stained glass presents a magnificent view. Similarly, the Willibrordi and the Xanten Cathedral, though not as elaborate as the Cologne Cathedral, are still worth the visit. The vaulted arches of the Xanten Cathedral and the mosaic pattern make for a pleasant sight for visitors.

4. Historical towns and cities of the Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine is full of historical sites. The history could be traced back to hundreds of years. These towns and metropolises are valuable because of their contribution to arts, architecture, and culture. Many of these are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites network. These places have been influenced by the Roman Empire, and have Byzantine influences. They have seen periods of affluence and destruction (during world wars). Every corner has a story to tell! You’ll understand their historical value a little better when you visit places like Aachen, Bochum, Duisburg, and Düsseldorf.

Key Takeaway

The Lower Rhine region is the perfect nature retreat. You’ll have access to some of the most historically relevant cities and also be able to spend a quiet time in the woods. Now that you know what lies in store for you when you go through the Lower Rhine, you need a place to stay! Fortunately, there are some great hotels in the region. If you want cheap hotels in Lower Rhine (Goedkope Hotels Nederrijn), check out Hotel Kaiserhof. It has all the amenities you could hope for. From spacious rooms and breakfast to bike rental service, Hotel Kaiserhof gives you a fulfilling experience of the Lower Rhine.


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