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Different types of plastic cards for your business

Plastic cards have made life easier. Be it in terms of money, carrying a bunch of keys, or positively impacting your business, Plastic gift cards have impacted much of our lifestyles. Plastic cards primarily have been effective in boosting sales, promoting business, and making it convenient for your customers to reach out to you. With a plethora of plastic gift cards available in the market today, it is important to know how many kinds of gift cards are there and primarily focus on the uses of each card. So, in this piece, we shall be exploring different types of business cards for your business.

Different business cards for your business

The kind of plastic card you use will depend on your business model and target audience.

1. PVC cards

These plastic gift cards are known for their variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses, and are commonly referred to as plastic cards. these cards are variedly used to make ID cards, access cards and business cards. these are also famous for tracking services in the healthcare industry.

2. Plastic gift cards

Suggestive to its name,, these are known for gifting people and attaining the loyalty of your customers. Plastic gift cards are a unique way of boosting the sales of your business. With a unique branded card design these are also reusable, redouble, and easy to use with your point of sale system and needless to mention these are effective marketing tools, helping you to spread your business reach globally.

3. Plastic parking permits

Plastic cards are multiverse and multifarious, with innate versatile style these cards are known for multiple uses. Plastic parking permits, a variant of plastic gift cards, are extremely durable, waterproof and weather resistant, these cards are known for controlling the vehicle. They are also quite important in chaotic locations like office spaces and play a major role in controlling the havoc created by the overexertion of too many vehicles. In some places, custom Plastic parking permits also help in controlling the accessibility of the employees or workers in the premises of businesses and workplaces.

4. Proximity cards

These cards are known for their ready-to-use tags, they are convenient and are less likely to be damaged. Proximity cards are commonly used to access control of the ID cards. A major difference between proximity cards and RFID cards includes read range, operational frequencies, line of sight, reading and writing capabilities and most appropriate for the information stored.

5. Smart cards

Smart cards are those that have two types of interfaces which are contactless and contact. Contact smart plastic gift cards are inserted into a small card reader making physical contact alongside the reader. However, the contactless cards have an antenna embedded inside the card which helps with the communication with the reader without physical contact. Also used as an access to control as a security token, smart cards enable secure login, storage of credentials, sensitive data encryption and passwords

6. Payment cards

These cards are electronically linked to an account or several accounts which belong to the cardholder. The most common types of payment cards are prepaid cards, charge cards, credit cards and debit cards. These cards are not like your usual Plastic parking permits or plastic gift cards, they are mostly used by financial institutions and banks, and they who can issue these plastic cards. By using these smart cards, you can ensure a smooth transaction and even make the process convenient.

7. RFID cards

Exquisitely different these cards are known for their electromagnetic fields which can be used to identify several tags from varying distances, depending on the frequencies used. The speciality of these cards lies in the use of radio waves to identify objects in vehicles and people. These cards are used to track and locate assets, anti-counterfeiting, and healthcare industry and have their roots traced in supply chain and inventory management, using these cards is highly secured as they are not susceptible to data whipping.

8. Metallic gift loyalty and membership cards

These metallic, eye-catching and impressive plastic gift cards for your business come in the base of gold, silver, bronze, and red metallic finishes. This unique option will make your custom gift cards stand out at the point of sale by displaying and keeping your business fresh on the minds of your customers, compelling them to come back to you time and again.

9. Barcode plastic gift cards

In this data-driven world, custom barcode gift cards are a benefit to both you as well as your customer. The mechanism and working procedure of these cards are pretty simple. Your customers can scan the back of your gift card and avail of all the services that are lined out and levied for them.


In sum, different kinds of business cards or plastic gift cards can be used for your business. The above listicle, is there for you, giving out the best typologies that are available in the market. Choose the right one and enhance your business growth and motivation.


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