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Google Maps SEO What is It and How Does it Rank Your Businesses Higher?

Google Maps SEO has had a massive impact on the way digital maps are optimized by
businesses and used by everyday users who are looking for businesses, restaurants, and
organizations close to them. With over a billion monthly users, it will come as no surprise that
Google Maps was the most downloaded map and navigation application in the United States in

Google Maps is a very user-friendly map application that allows users to access it both on
mobile devices and on the computer. It provides directions of all types, including walking and
driving, and even works to optimize toll-free and fuel-efficient routes.

With this in mind, no matter the industry you may be in, understanding the importance of Google
Maps search engine optimization (SEO) will be important when it comes to truly
optimizing how your business or organization is ranking on Google Maps. Your customer base is
most likely using Google Maps to find directions and look up businesses.

What is Google Maps SEO?

Google Maps SEO is essentially an SEO process that a local SEO company will take to
optimize a business’s digital presence on Google Maps. This process will help improve a business’s ranking and overall visibility in Google Maps local search results.

SEO optimization for Google Maps can help businesses looking to reach new local
customers searching for physical locations near them. Putting time and effort into
With the help of a Columbus digital marketing agency, Google Maps SEO can bring great
benefits to a business.

The Benefits of Ranking Higher on Google Maps

Some of the key benefits of ranking higher on Google Maps due to optimized SEO include:

1. Being seen in local searches that are performed.
2. Google Maps lets users click through to your business profile quickly and easily.
3. Many potential and existing customers use local searches to find businesses near them.
4. Many local searches wind up as conversions, meaning online users will purchase or
reach out for services after searching via Google Maps.

Some 46% of online searches performed are done with a focus on local searches, meaning
your business is more likely to be seen via Google Maps if you are ranked highly. Ensuring that
you and your business are one of the first search results in Google Maps will help

you connect with potential customers as they search locally.

What Google Says is Important for Google Maps Ranking

So, when ranking on Google Maps with SEO, we can look directly to the source for
the three most important ranking factors that get a business to appear higher. Those three
factors are distance, relevance, and prominence.

Google notes that a combination of these three factors helps their algorithm to place a business
in the best search possible.

1. Relevance: This is how well a Google Business Profile matches what a user is
searching for. For the most relevant out of a profile, Google suggests adding detailed,

complete information.

2. Distance: This considers how far away from the location
used in the search that a business is. For users who do not include a specific location,
Google’s algorithm will determine distance based on what information it does know.

3. Prominence: This focuses on how well-known a business is. This takes into account a
business’ offline and online presence, including directories, links, articles, and even
Google review counts and review scores. A business’ position in web results is also
considered in determining prominence, so ensuring that your SEO meets best
practices is recommended.

Other important factors like ensuring that your business appears on Google Maps
and that you have a Google Business Profile will also play into ranking higher on Google.

How to Rank Higher with SEOon Google Maps

As with any other kind of SEO, your approach to Google Maps SEO will typically require a few
different steps. Some steps that a Columbus local SEO company will take for Google Maps
SEO include:

1. Add relevant things like images, media, and links.

2. Update your Google Business Profile regularly – including keeping your hours as
accurate as possible and verifying your location.

3. Work local SEO into your website. This will optimize your online presence further so
local customers can more easily find you and you will stand out to Google’s algorithm.

4. Monitor and respond to reviews given to your business on Google. This helps display
that you care about your customers, and positive customer feedback helps
improve your business’s visibility.

5. Incorporate local backlinks into your website. Local backlinks are featured on your
website and from another local business or organization’s site. That other business will
also have a link to your site as well. These backlinks help establish a direct
connection between you and your local area, and help show that you are a reputable

These are just a few of the ways that you can utilize Google Maps SEO to help your business
rank higher in the map search results.

About the Author

Split Reef is a leading Jacksonville and Columbus digital marketing agency that works with
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more. They offer a full suite of digital development and marketing services, including web and
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