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How To Find the Demat Account Number From PAN Card?

Your Demat account is a crucial repository for holding and managing securities in the intricate web of financial transactions. However, it is not uncommon for investors to find themselves needing to locate their Demat account number promptly, especially when initiating transactions or verifying holdings. This guide will walk you through the steps to find your Demat account number from your PAN card, ensuring a smoother and more efficient investment experience.

Locating Your Demat Account Number from PAN Card

Visit the Depository Participant’s Website:

  • Log in to the Depository Participant (DP) website with whom you have your Demat account.
  • Navigate to the login section and enter your credentials to access your account.

View Account Details:

  • Once logged in, look for an option or tab labelled “Account Details” or a similar term.
  • This section contains a detailed list of your account information, including the Demat account number associated with your PAN card.

Contact Customer Service:

  • If navigating the online platform seems challenging, contact your DP’s customer service.
  • Provide them with your PAN card details, and they will guide you on locating your Demat account number.

Check Account Statements:

  • Access your Demat account statements, either physical or electronic, which your DP regularly sends.
  • Your Demat account number is typically mentioned in the top section of these statements.

How To Transfer Shares From One Demat Account To Another

Now that you have your Demat account number in hand let’s delve into the process of how to transfer shares from one Demat account to another.

Initiate Off-Market Transfer:

Log in to the online portal of the DP from which you want to transfer the shares.

Look for the option that enables “Off-Market” or “Inter-Depository” transfers.

Fill Transfer Form:

Download and fill out the required transfer form on the DP’s website.

Provide details such as your Demat account number, target DP details, and particulars of the shares you intend to transfer.

Submit Form to DP:

Submit the completed form and any supporting documents to your current DP.

Ensure all details are accurate to avoid processing delays.

Verification and Approval:

Your current DP will verify the details and initiate the transfer request.

Once verified, the request is sent to the target DP for approval.

Acknowledgement and Update:

  • Upon approvaLocate yourill update their records.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement or notification confirming the successful transfer.

Relation between a Demat Account and a Dividend Calculator in India

A Demat account and a Dividend Calculator in India share a symbiotic relationship in an investor’s financial toolkit. The Demat account serves as the repository for holding shares, while the Dividend Calculator complements this by estimating potential returns from dividend-paying stocks. Together, they empower investors to manage securities efficiently, ensuring accurate assessments of dividends and informed decision-making. The Demat account provides the necessary data for the Dividend Calculator, creating a cohesive synergy that enhances financial planning and maximises returns in the dynamic landscape of the stock market.

In addition to understanding the process of transferring shares between Demat accounts, investors often seek tools to evaluate the potential returns from their investments. A dividend calculator is a valuable resource for individuals looking to estimate the dividends they can earn from their holdings.

  1. Online Dividend Calculator:
  • Search for a reliable online dividend calculator designed for the Indian market.
  • Input details such as the number of shares, dividend per share, and other relevant information.
  1. Calculation Accuracy: The dividend calculator will accurately estimate your expected dividends based on the inputted data.
  2. Regular Updates: Use the calculator periodically to assess potential dividends as the financial landscape evolves, especially if you hold dividend-paying stocks.


Managing your investments requires a clear understanding of your Demat account details and the process of handling securities. By knowing how to find your Demat account number from your PAN card and comprehending the steps to transfer shares between accounts, you empower yourself to navigate the complexities of the financial market efficiently.

Additionally, leveraging tools such as a dividend calculator in India can further enhance your financial planning, allowing you to accurately estimate potential returns from dividend-paying stocks. By following these practical steps and utilising available resources, investors can maintain control over their investments and make informed decisions for long-term financial success. Read more blogs on our website,


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