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how to see who blocked you on facebook

Blocking on Facebook is one of the most used features on the application as there are several reasons why people block other people on the application. Every application offers this feature which ensures that people can block any unwanted person from their account to ensure that you do not have those people in your account that you do not want. 

While this feature is good for users who want to block other people on the application, people who are blocked on the application are quite frustrated. A lot of people want to know if they are blocked by someone on the application and this is why in this guide, we are going to tell you how to see who blocked you on Facebook

These simple instructions will make it easy for people to verify whether they have been blocked on the application or not. 

What Are the Methods Used to Tell If Someone Has Blocked You on Facebook?

Getting blocked on the application is a very frustrating feeling for several people and usually, it is not confirmed hence, a lot of people wish to confirm whether they have been blocked or not. 

Here are some simple methods that you can use when you want to see who blocked me on the Facebook app. 

Technique 1: Use Facebook Search to look for them 

Facebook offers several methods that can be used by people to check whether they are blocked by another Facebook user or not. The easiest method that can be used by users is using Facebook Search. 

You can easily use Facebook Search in your Facebook account to search for the name of a person on Facebook. If you cannot see the person on the application then, this usually means that you are blocked by this person. However, this method is not safe in every situation as this can also happen if the person has deleted or deactivated their account on the application. 

Technique 2: Use Facebook Messenger to send a message to them 

Now the other method that you can use to verify whether someone has blocked you on Facebook is to use Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Messenger is the alternative application that people use to chat with their Facebook friends and this is why you can use this method to see if your account has been blocked or not. You can try to use another account to send the person a message and if this message does not go through then, this usually means that your account has been blocked. 

Technique 3: Try to Access their Facebook Profile page 

If you want to check who blocked me on the Facebook app then, you can also try to access the Facebook profile of the person whom you suspect has blocked you. Usually, you can see the profile of anyone on Facebook but if this person has blocked you then you will find yourself unable to access their profile page and probably see the message ‘the content is unavailable right now’. 


Now you are aware of to see who has blocked you on Facebook. Try above methods to know about the same. Also read here Who blocked you on Instagram. Complete Guide with various tips and tricks

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