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Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes


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What is makeup?

Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes






It’s likely that billions of people who live in today’s glamorous society constantly use makeup to accentuate their characteristics and beauty. These days, the makeup sector is among the biggest in terms of income. Nowadays, one of the hardest occupations is making a reputation for yourself in the fashion and beauty industries.

We can undoubtedly offer some recognition to well-known pop culture musicians for their endorsements of major beauty brands on radio, television, and the internet. The reason these makeup businesses have cemented their presence in a nation such as India is because to them. The previous few decades have seen an exponential growth in India’s makeup business.


We will discuss the makeup industry in great detail today and attempt to determine the reasons behind its global fame. Without further ado, let’s get started on the subject and explore the realm of fashion and beauty.

What is makeup?


The word “makeup” refers to a wide range of products applied on the face and body to enhance an individual’s natural beauty. In the present day, it has taken on new relevance as pop culture figures take center stage. Regardless of your interest in makeup, it is difficult to avoid the widely shared cosmetics reels and movies on social media these days.


Thanks to the internet, makeup artists now have a wide range of professional solutions. In the competitive work market of today, getting your start online might not be easy. For a professional makeup application, products including foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliner, and many more are required. It’s also more challenging to seem natural even after using makeup.

Because of this, we at Fashion Make Fashion have created a Chandigarh beauty course to assist young people who want to pursue careers as talented makeup artists. We teach all of the newest techniques and fashions that are popular throughout the globe. You will have access to some of the makeup industry’s most versatile and successful methods. Additionally, you will practice on real clients and customers throughout your course because we are a university that prioritizes experiential learning. So come and join us at Fashion Make Fashion to launch your glamorous career if working in the beauty industry is your ideal employment.

Makeup tips for different face shapes:

Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes:- These days, the internet is full of tricks and advice. But it’s rare to come across a piece of writing or a video that discusses the various facial forms in the globe. To give an example, let us look at a few celebrities in India. Celebrity actor Hrithik Roshan is frequently complimented on his appearance, performance, and physique.

Hritik does, however, have an extended face shape if you look attentively. Rakesh Roshan has an oval face shape when compared to the face shape of his father. That is the degree of complexity in face shapes.

You may observe variations in facial shapes within the same family, as well as hereditary similarities.

Let’s examine how to use cosmetics to enhance various facial forms.


 Round face

This form’s main problem is that its length and width are the same; therefore, contouring will be required to provide the appearance of length. The three main areas that require contouring are the jawline, the space behind the cheekbones, and the temple region. By using bronzer or blush to contour your face, you can give the impression that it is oval-shaped rather than round. Keep in mind that you should apply the brush with the strokes pointing upward.


Oval shape

Even though this face shape is thought to be the most common in the globe, it can occasionally be difficult to find the perfect cosmetics. This suggests that we need to utilize contouring once more because the oval form increases the likelihood that we will appear to have an oblong face. Conversely, less contouring would be required this time around than for features with spherical shapes. The contouring technique is primarily used around the nose to make it appear larger and pointier, and aloang the jawline to emphasize the illusionHeart shape: Among all the shapes, this one is the most exquisite. Should your face be fashioned like a heart, you can never go wrong. There aren’t many things that require attention.

having this type of face It’s sufficient to slightly sculpt the area beneath the cheekbones. For contouring, use a blush to create the ideal jawline. Avoid overly smokey eye makeup and stick to a basic look. With this form, though, you should focus more on your lips. For instance, to make your face appear longer, choose a striking lipstick tone. You must also correct the modest imbalance that exists between the width of the chin and the forehead with this shape.


Diamond shape

People with this face shape most frequently make the error of not giving enough attention to the center of their face. This makes the makeup seem out of scale. Furthermore, in contrast to the previous designs, this one has a


wider forehead and jawline. Therefore, oppositional contouring would be the best option for contouring in this type. Using this procedure would make the face appear much more appealing. This face shape complements copper and wine-colored cosmetics effectively.


Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes:- Oblong shapeI think those who are endowed with this form are blessed. You really can’t go wrong with this structure because it goes nicely with practically any kind of makeup. However, some people prefer that their features have an oval or rounded appearance. Colours like pink, crimson, and maroon will perform much better on this face type and will also give the appearance of an oval face.



Finally, we should be grateful to the cosmetics industry for having a significant influence on our television and film productions. Due to this business, a large number of women have found work since the 1980s and 90s. In the past, the majority of Indian salons exclusively hired women because they were seen as more reliable by clients who had specific requests. Therefore, we don’t expect this industry’s craze will abate very soon.



  1. Is the makeup course available online at your facility?

Yes, all our courses are available online.

  1. Can I join the course next month?

Yes, our courses run throughout the year. You can join the course at any time that is suitable for you.

  1. Is your institute certified?

Yes, our training institute has been certified by the Indian government.

  1. Does your institute provide certificates?

Yes, all our courses are certification based and our certifications are highly regarded in every


  1. Is there an attendance criterion?

Yes, to receive a certificate from our institute, the student must have an attendance of at least 90%.

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