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TRB Group Africa: How to Safe your Bathroom and Shower Tile After Installation

After remodeling or revamping their house and bathroom, most people directly go to take a shower. It is always relaxing but it is not a good thing for your bathroom and newly installed tiles. To keep and maintain the tiles, you will need to do a few things. Before you buy bathroom and shower tiles from TRB Group Africa, it is suggested to explore the tips for maintaining them. For this, you should go through this post. 

Below, we have discussed the ways that you can try to keep bathroom and shower times safe right installation.

  • Check if the installation of tiles is done correctly or not

After installation, you must check if it is done properly or not. For installation, check if all the tiles are installed on the same level or not. If you do not on your own, then the chances are higher that you may make mistakes. This is why you should take the professionals’ help. They know how to adjust the tiles on a level. As a result, the chances of water damage will be reduced.

  • Never place heavy furniture on newly installed tiles

Keeping furniture, particularly the heavy ones. The experts of TRB Group Africa suggest it as they can break or damage the grout lines. Hence, the tiles will not be as beautiful as expected. In addition to this, damaged grout lines mean a reduced lifespan of the tiles. Even if you want to place something in the bathroom, you can use a rug or carpet to place the furniture. By doing this, you can prevent direct contact with the furniture and grout lines.

  • Reduce the chances of leaks

Leaks in the bathroom or shower area are one of the biggest issues that can ruin the appearance of your tiles. Thus, you must make sure that there is no water barrier or leak. For instance, check if the shower head is leaking or not. In case it is leaking, it can crack or crumble the grout after some time. Additionally, check the shower curtains and rods. Ensure they are tightly placed as they can cause further damage when ignored. To prevent water spills, you are advised to place a dry rug outside the bathroom or shower so that you do not step out with wet feet on the tiles.

  • Keep bathroom and shower tiles clean and dry

To prevent future expenses on maintenance, repairs, and replacements, you must clean the tiles regularly. Just wipe out as soon as you see any grime or dirt on the tile. Since tiles in your bathroom or shower can become squeegee, you must clean it. One more important point to keep in mind is that you should not use an abrasive cleaner or a harsh chemical to clean the tiles. Using them can damage the grout lines and surface. Rather, you must use plain water or vinegar with baking soda for deep cleaning.

  • Place shower mats to keep the area dry and clean

To keep your shower and bathroom tiles clean and dry, you must use a mat inside. This will absorb the excess water and prevent it from reaching the shower walls and bath tiles. Mats also work like a protection shield for tiles. If you are looking for an outstanding way to keep your tiles safe from water damage, then you should get a high-quality and highly absorbent mat for the shower.

  • Always cover showers and bathrooms while using them for longer periods

First and foremost, you should know what does long shower means. According to the experts of TRB Group Africa, any shower that is for more than 30-40 minutes is considered a longer one. If you love taking long showers, then you are advised to cover the tiles with something waterproof. You can use vinyl curtains or even plastic to cover the same. It is a necessary step for those who have recently installed tiles in their bathrooms and showers.

  • Use high-quality tile sealers

This option will provide an extra layer of protection against water and other damage to your newly installed tiles. Tile sealers are nothing but a combination of different types of chemicals. They are specifically designed to protect the bathroom and shower tiles from excess water and other damage. Since the market has different tile sealers available, ask your tiles provider about the best-suited option according to the tile type chosen.

Closing remarks

Do you want to change the look of your shower or bathroom? If yes, then you can explore different options of tiles available at TRB Ceramics by TRB Group Africa. They not only deal in high-quality tiles but also offer professional assistance to new homeowners. To learn more about the range or inquire about the prices and other aspects, you can visit the official website or call them.


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