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Why Should the Commercial Catering and Food Chain Industry Invest in a Blast Freezer?

Running a food business isn’t as easy as it seems! First of all, the competition is high. Secondly, dealing with perishable products increases the risk of wastage. However, there is one fantastic way by which you and keep your product fresh and intact for a longer time than usual, i.e., by installing a blast freezer!

Compared to the regular freezer, blast freezers are way more reliable and offer longer and better storage facilities for your perishable cooked and raw food products. Needless to mention, these freezers can preserve food items at a temperature of -18 degrees C and even below! If you are new to this facility and want to learn more in detail, make sure to stay tuned and read till the end!

What is a Blast Freezer?

A blast freezer is a super chilled freezer that uses temperature-controlled units and insulated panels. Generally, these freezers employ an Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Core that offers high thermal efficiency and high R-values. These freezers serve as cold stores and cool rooms that act fast and freeze both cooked and raw products and lock the nutrients as well as their taste.

Generally, blast freezers are widely used in commercial catering for storing cooked meals in bulk, in food chain industries for storing raw fish, meat, and veggies for a longer period, and in frozen food industries like ice cream.

When it comes to storing perishable products, a blast freezer serves more efficiently compared to regular ones. In regular freezers, the freezing process takes longer and the ice crystals that form remain larger. The large ice crystals are responsible for cell bursting that affects the quality, taste, and flavour of the food items.

On the other hand, in blast or shock freezers, the freezing process is way quicker and forms tiny ice crystals. These tiny crystals are not capable of doing any major damage, thus the food can be preserved better and for a longer period.

Perks of Using Blast freezers in the Commercial Catering Food Chain Industry

Be it a commercial kitchen or any other raw food business, a blast freezer marks its benefits everywhere! Available in different sizes, types, and price ranges, you can easily find one according to your business needs. Here are some of the top-of-the-line advantages of these shock freezers:

1. Protect Items from Bacterial Damage

Poultry products, meat, fish, etc., possess a significant amount of microorganisms, like Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc., even in their freshest form. Moreover, these microorganisms tend to multiply their numbers really quickly within just a few days.

Thus, if you want to preserve it for a long, you need to use the correct freezing method, which a blast freezer can help! In just 24 hours, these freezers can freeze tons of poultry products, slowing down the multiplying process of those bacteria.

2. Preserve the Nutritional Values in Food

Do you preserve the raw foods in your regular freezer before supplying them to the retail market? Then don’t get amazed if you start losing consumers! When you preserve the raw edibles for a long in regular freezers, all its nutrients are damaged.

Thus, what your consumers receive is flavorless unhealthy food items. A blast freezer with insulated panels in that case is the best solution to this problem. Blast freezers do not just retain the nutritional values of raw food, but also cooked meals!

3. Reduces Wastages

By setting up a blast freezer in your commercial kitchen or food storage unit, you can reduce food wastage significantly. As we have mentioned earlier, these freezers act to slow down the bacterial growth in perishable food products.

That means you can store the food products for a longer time span and get more time to supply them to individual buyers and retail stores. Hence, by investing a little money in the shock freezers, you can save both the food items and your money from getting wasted.

4. Hassle-Free Food Shipping

If your food chain business deals with intercity shipment, a shock freezer is your one-stop solution. The small and portable-sized shock freezers allow to you transport fish and seafood from your warehouse storage to the destination, sustaining the original taste, nutrient value, and overall quality.

Perishable Food Items That You Can Store In a Blast Freezer

You can store almost any food item in a shock-freezer for months without worrying about degrading its quality. Here we have mentioned the common items preserved in blast freezers:

  • Fresh and raw veggies and fruits
  • Both cooked and raw meat and fish
  • Baked items like canopies, pies, pastries baked snacks, etc.
  • Ready-made meals.
  • Frozen foods like ice cream, frozen pizzas, etc.

Wrapping Up

The most essential aspect of cold warehouse storage is temperature. While some foods need to be preserved at -18 degrees C, others require -32 degrees C! For this, you ought to consider adding a blast freezer! The modern blast freezers are equipped with excellent features, like defrost draining, advanced locking mechanisms, low-temperature holding rooms, etc. Thus investing in one will surely pay off.


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